fulfillment for your brand

Antfills is an international logistic service provider that fulfills your ecommerce orders to your customers. Our goal is to help your brand become more successful by supporting with fastest and most reliable end-to-end fulfillment and channel distribution solutions as your brand scales.


Inventory Accuracy

Accurate inventory management, minimizing error rate.


Labor Cost Reduction

Intuitive interface allows you to easily manage inventory, logistics, and billing.


Customer Service Response Time

High-level of customer service standard.


Customer Satisfaction

Most customers consider Antfills to be the best partner.

Integrate Seamlessly

Antfill’s world-class software is ready to connect your ecommerce stores and fulfill your orders immediately.

3PL Evolved, 3PNL.

Antfills is build different. We are consist of a network of 3rd Party Logistic fulfillment warehouses that is ready to provide the fast and affordable shipping solution that you need to reduce cost.

Multi-Channel Distribution – 4PL

Antfills cares about your business. Our goal is help you succeed. Reducing your cost as well as help you increase your revenue. Our team has solutions to help you further expand your sales channels and platform.


The Antfill Advantage


Easy and Seamless Integration

Our simplified eCommerce platform integration allows you to manage and synchronize your orders in real time.


24/7 Bilingual Customer Service

Our customer support team in China and the U.S. is there to assist on your warehousing and logistics concerns 24/7.


Efficient Data-Driven Platform

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and email and say hello to Antfill’s one-stop solution, including order, inventory, tracking management, and data analysis.


Intelligent Order Allocation

Antfills selects the nearest warehouse to fulfill your orders, based on your shipping destination.

All-In-One Integration

Antfill integrates with major e-commerce platforms such as Wayfair, Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay so that you can fulfill all of your orders in one stop. In addition, reliable and consistent shipping channels allow us to provide customers with various logistics options and competitive shipping rates.

Clear and Real-time Billing Transaction


Every transaction is instantly recorded and updated.


Antfill supports multiple online and offline payment options.


Simple, affordable and transparent pricing structure with no hidden fee.

We know your pains

Antfill’s nationwide
Antfill’s nationwide warehouse network provides you fulfillment and last-mile delivery solutions.

Inaccurate inventory information?
We built an accurate inventory management system that can record every single inventory change. Say goodbye to confusing inventory records and missing goods.

Confusing and out-of-date billing information?
The intuitive online billing system records and displays each transaction in real time.

Losing business due to unreliable customer support?
Our customer service team is professional and energetic, ready to solve your problem 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let Antfills Support Your Fulfillment Needs

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